Investing in Gold Nuggets

All one has to do is to look at a 10 year gold chart to see the upward trend in gold prices over the past 10 years.


Are Gold Nuggets a good investment? Quite simply, "Yes, they certainly are." However, just make sure you are buying the highest quality hand selected jewelry/investment grade natural gold nuggets, as those are the grade of raw gold nuggets that hold their value the best during times of falling gold prices, and appreciate the most during times of rising gold prices. A lot of the natural gold nuggets sold online are "melt grade" or "common grade" nuggets, which have no collectible value and are worth less to slightly more than the spot price of gold. Since we do not sell "melt grade" or "common grade" gold nuggets, you can easily see the difference by comparing the nuggets you see on our website with most of the the offerings from other websites. Almost every gold nugget sold on our website is jewelry/investment grade, the highest grade, with only a couple of exceptions that are collectible grade.

While natural gold nuggets have a basic gold value as "money", meaning if there is ever a time when fiat currencies are no longer accepted, or are so devalued as to be essentially worthless, and gold and silver become the medium of exchange of last resort, high quality jewelry/investment grade gold nuggets will likely be used alongside gold coins and bars as a medium of exchange. It is possible that in such a situation gold nuggets may be even more useful than gold coins or bars, as most gold coins and bars are in one ounce form or larger, whereas natural gold nuggets can be purchased individually in sizes smaller than a tenth of a gram.

Natural gold nuggets that fall into the "collectible grade" or "jewelry/investment grade", also have the added value of being collector's items, similar to rare gold coins. Large natural gold nuggets are rarer than diamonds. Most of the gold nuggets found throughout history were melted down and processed into coins or bars or used to make jewelry and ornaments. Only in the past 25 years have many people started to collect and hoard high quality natural gold nuggets.

Because of all the gold seekers over the years, the easy to find gold nuggets have been found, and it is increasingly difficult and uneconomical to find natural gold nuggets of any size. As they say with many other rare things, "they aren't making any more of them". So natural gold nuggets become rarer as time goes on, and demand increases as more and more investors move assets into all forms of gold. The last serious bull market in gold peaked in 1980. Many professional gold traders believe that the current bull market in gold (as of 2016) is still in its early stages.


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