The Dragon or Horse - Rare Crystalline Australian Gold Nugget
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The Dragon or Horse - Rare Crystalline Australian Gold Nugget

This is a spectacular natural gold nugget from Australia that I am selling for a long term collector who is selling some of his nuggets to fund his retirement. This is an amazing crystalline gold nugget, with the added bonus that the shape resembles a dragon or a horse with a long flowing mane. Crystalline nuggets this large are not often offered for sale. This gorgeous jewelry/investment grade crystalline nugget is huge, weighing in at a very hefty 213.4 Grams (6.86 Troy Ounces), and measuring a very large 3.75" (9.5 cm) x 1.75" (4.5 cm) x 3/8" (9 mm). From the dimensions you can see that it is quite thin and flat and it has a huge surface area for the weight. It's a real handful! This beauty is clean with no host rock or mineralization, making it a very high quality jewelry/investment grade nugget. The color is stunning. This nugget was found by the collector I am selling it for in the early 1990's near Clunes in the Golden Triangle. A real treasure for a lucky buyers collection, and priced to sell. The gold in this incredible gold specimen is very pure at approximately 94% to 98% pure (22KT to 23KT).

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