Spectacular Platinum Nugget with Light Dusting of Gold
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Spectacular Platinum Nugget with Light Dusting of Gold

This natural multi crystal ferroan Platinum Nugget from Kondyer Massif in Eastern Siberia, Russia is amazing. It is a mass of natural platinum cubic crystals all joined together is a beautiful and interesting formation, and it has a light dusting of gold naturally layered on parts of the nugget, making it much more rare. This one is 5/16" long and weighs 21.5 Grains (1.39 Gram). I have a nice collection of these Platinum Nuggets that I bought years ago so I have priced them well below current market value, making them an excellent investment for collecting or resale. It comes with a location card authenticating the discovery location and certifying the fact that it is a natural platinum crystal nugget.


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