Rare to Find - Huge Natural California Gold Nugget
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Rare to Find - Huge Natural California Gold Nugget

This is the largest California gold nugget that we currently have for sale. Since the California gov't banned suction dredging in 2009, which is how most of the placer nuggets were found, it has been very difficult to find any large placer gold nuggets from California for sale, especially nuggets over an ounce in weight. I am selling this rare gold nugget for a couple who inherited several nuggets from their grandfather, who acquired them in California over 50 years ago. For such a large and rare nugget this nugget is priced very well. It is a really gorgeous natural gold nugget and it weighs in at 154.9 Grams (4.98 Troy Ounces). It measures 1.8" (4.6 cm) long x 1.5" (3.4 cm) wide x just under 1/2" (1.0 cm) thick. It is very clean and has a gorgeous color and it grades at jewelry/investment grade. It is not often that you see a California gold nugget this large for sale, as most of the placer gold nuggets found in California are smaller than an ounce in weight.

Note that we do not accept payment by Credit Card or PayPal for this item. Payment must be made by Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, or Money Order.



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