Museum Grade Australian Gold Nugget - Huge Surface Area
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Museum Grade Australian Gold Nugget - Huge Surface Area

This is one of the most spectacular natural gold nuggets that I have seen. Because of it's beauty and it's huge size it is graded at Museum Grade, since any museum would be happy to display a gorgeous gold nugget like this. It weighs 7.22 ounces (224.2 Grams) but it has the footprint of a nugget weighing over 30 ounces. That's because it is quite thin, with a huge surface area for the weight. Not only that, but it is extremely clean and has a very pleasant shape. It comes with an acrylic stand, ready to become the focal point of your gold nugget collection, or mineral collection. It is 4.5" (11 cm) long x 2.25" (6 cm) wide x less than 1/4" thick in most spots. This is a great opportunity to add a rare and spectacular Australian gold nugget to your collection. It also makes a great investment. Australian gold nuggets are very pure 22KT - 23 KT (92% to 98% pure), making them some of the purest gold nuggets on earth.

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