Massive 182 Ounce Museum Grade Natural Gold Nugget Specimen
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Massive 182 Ounce Museum Grade Natural Gold Nugget Specimen

This is one of the largest natural gold nugget specimens that I have ever seen. It is also the largest gold nugget specimen that I have seen for sale for at least a decade. I am selling it on consignment for an Australian Research Scientist who found this incredible specimen while doing field research in 2002.

The size, quality, and rarity certainly qualifies this amazing gold specimen as Museum Grade. It would be the focal point of any Museum gold display or in the finest private gold collection. Considering its massive size and the extremely high gold content (it would assay at approximately 14310 oz per tonne), it is priced extremely well for such a spectacular and rare specimen. You will probably never see such a massive and rare gold specimen offered to the public again at any price.

This spectacular gold specimen weighs in at a massive 182.37 Troy Ounces (5671.7 Grams). A specific gravity test conducted by the owner of the specimen at a Geological Laboratory in Australia shows that the specimen contains at least 81.46 Troy Ounces of gold (2,533.4 Grams). I had x-rays taken of the specimen (shown below) which reveal that the specimen is mostly gold with a thin layer of quartz surrounding the gold. A conductivity test using an OHM meter shows that most of the surface gold is connected to most of the other surface gold, demonstrating that the gold is spread throughout the entire specimen and is not just on the surface. So in essence this is a gold nugget with attached quartz, rather than a quartz specimen with attached gold. The quartz is gorgeous, white with very attractive orange colored streaks in some areas. The gold is gorgeous in color, the color indicating a very high gold purity (typically 94% to 98% pure from this goldfield). This specimen has not been cleaned other than with water, but a professional could use several methods to remove some of the quartz, exposing more of the gold, and increasing the beauty of the specimen even more. Myself, I would prefer to keep it in its natural state, since it is such an incredible and gorgeous example of a quartz vein filled with gold.

This amazing gold specimen was found in October, 2002 by a Research Scientist while testing a mathematically based systematic search technique that he developed to efficiently search an area for clusters of gold nuggets. It was found on the Palmer River Goldfield in Queensland, Australia using a Minelab GP Extreme metal detector.

The following is the account of the find from the scientist who found the specimen: “The site I was testing was near a section of quartz reef and I started searching using a grid spacing. On my second pass across the area I received a very good signal and dug down to unearth a specimen containing about a half kilo of gold. Shortly after that find I swung my detector and received an exceptionally loud signal. I asked my prospecting partner if he would like to dig the signal, and he obliged. There was a small amount of quartz, about the size of half an orange sticking out of the ground at the signal point. My friend swung his pick and hauled a chunk of quartz about 16 cm round out of the ground and tossed it aside. I again moved my detector coil over the spot, but the signal was gone. We retrieved the ball of quartz and noticed the gold in it. Subsequent specific gravity testing revealed it contains 81.46 troy ounces of gold. A local prospecting supplier said it is the largest gold specimen he has heard of coming from the Palmer River goldfield in modern times.”

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