Huge and Rare Museum Grade California Natural Gold Nugget
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Huge and Rare Museum Grade California Natural Gold Nugget

Here is something you don't see very often. A 26.41 troy ounce (821.3 Grams) natural gold nugget from California. It is a thing of true beauty, with fantastic color and an amazing shape and it has been worn smooth by years of river erosion. The size is 3.25" (85 mm) long x 2" (50 mm) wide x approximately 7/8" (20 mm) thick. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and feels amazing with all the weight. This nugget was found by a gold prospector in California and was acquired by the current owners grandfather over 50 years ago. It has a small drilled assay hole on the back side, which is historically significant since more than 50 years ago when this nugget was discovered, drilling a hole in the nugget and testing the gold shavings that came out was the only way to tell the purity of a nugget. It is so rare to see a nugget this size from California offered for sale. It would be the focal point of any gold collection.

Below is a letter we received from the buyer of this nugget.

Garry and Janet,

Being born and raised in southern California, I was fortunate to have the exposure of that states early history that included what most consider the greatest gold rush of all time, namely the discovery and subsequent migration west of the untold thousands seeking the vast riches of "The Mother Lode". My interest in that period probably started from the stories told by my second and third grade teachers of the adventurous search for gold by so many seeking to better their lot in life and the lives of their families that were commonly left behind.

As a collector in several areas of interest, putting together a group of gold rush era relics naturally and inevitably led me to examples of what was at the center of activity in mid-1800s California, natural gold nuggets and early first period strikings of fractional and territorial gold coins originally intended as a circulating currency to facilitate trade in the absence of sufficient quantities of officially minted federal coinage.

When I first took a look at your excellent internet website I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of natural gold nuggets that you offered for sale. As I had plans of finding a representative center piece for my California Gold Rush Collection, I was especially interested in your "huge gold nuggets" page and immediately saw the 26.41 ounce California Mother Lode placer nugget you were offering. It was basically a love-at-first-sight moment for me, with all of the main attributes that collectors look for in a focal piece that is intended for such a lofty position, namely shape, color, karat, character, weight, and location....... this one just had it all, and was that once in a lifetime near perfect example of what I have always envisioned a large California placer nugget should look like. Anyone who handles this piece instantly understands the meaning of "Gold Fever".

Thank you for offering such an amazing piece and making it possible to add this Crown Jewel to the collection of a very appreciative new owner.


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