Gold Coated Platinum Nugget Shaped like a Raven
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Gold Coated Platinum Nugget Shaped like a Raven

Not only is this a very rare natural Platinum Nugget Crystal from Kondyer Massif in the Eastern Siberian Region of Russia, but it is shaped like a raven from one side and from the other side it looks like a profile of Jimmy Durante, the famous comedian with a huge nose from the 1950's to 1970's. And to top it off and make it even more rare it has a thin coating of naturally occurring gold on part of the nugget, and it is a multi-crystal nugget as well. That is about as rare as it gets. I can't stress how rare it is to find a platinum nugget like this for sale. This rare platinum specimen weighs 15.9 Grains (1.03 Gram) and it is over 1/4" (7 mm) long.


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