Gold Coated Platinum Crystal Nugget Cube
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Gold Coated Platinum Crystal Nugget Cube

Wow. Check out the well defined main cube crystal on this incredible platinum specimen. It has a couple other small crystals coming off of the main cube crystal. It also has a beautiful coating of gold that has naturally attached to the surface of the nugget. Gold coated platinum crystals are so rare that you almost never see them for sale. They are only found in Kondyer Massif, Khabarovskiy Kray, in Russia, and due to their uniqueness and rarity they are highly prized by collectors and investors. This platinum nugget weighs 3.6 Grains (0.24 Gram)(1.2 Carats) and it is 1/8" long (3 mm). The multi-crystal formation is very unique and interesting. It will look great in your collection. It comes with a location card authenticating the discovery location and certifying the fact that it is a natural platinum crystal nugget.


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