"Butterfly" Shaped Crystallized Gold Specimen - New Guinea
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"Butterfly" Shaped Crystallized Gold Specimen - New Guinea

  • Model: M171


The gold from Mt. Kare is quite special for those who know the story of the gold rush that took place there from 1988-1994. As many as 10,000 locals and would be prospectors flocked to the mountain after a survey team discovered gold while digging a hole for their camp. Not all of the gold was crystallized and most of what was found was melted into bullion. The pieces that escaped the smelter are mostly in private collections. I was fortunate to acquire a small handful of these brilliant pieces years ago and now release them on to the website from time to time.

Weight: 1.0 grams ( 15.42 grains)
Dimensions: 1/2" or 12mm


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