18 Premium Jewelry Grade Alaska Gold Nuggets - For Pendants
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18 Premium Jewelry Grade Alaska Gold Nuggets - For Pendants

This is a lot of 18 premium jewelry grade natural gold nuggets from Alaska. These nuggets, along with the other 4 similar lots I am offering for sale in this category, are the very finest jewelry grade gold nuggets I have in my collection, and I have been putting away the finest nuggets for many years. These nuggets have been hand selected specifically to be used by jewelers to create pendants and necklaces, and charms for charm bracelets. Individually, the 18 nuggets weigh between 0.3 Gram and 1.2 Grams, and the weight of all 18 nuggets combined is 15.1 Grams. The nuggets range in size from approximately 1/4" (6 mm) to 9/16" (14 mm) long. These nuggets have absolutely gorgeous color, they are all clean and mineral and host rock free, and they are all thin and flat and elongated, with very interesting shapes and surface features, perfect for pendants and charms. They have a lot of surface area for the weight, making them the perfect choice for making reasonably priced gold nugget jewelry. I only have 5 lots of these premium jewelry grade nuggets, each lot from a different location, and once they are gone I will never be selling this quality of premium jewelry grade gold nugget in quantity again.

Note that we offer a 2.5% discount for payment by Direct Deposit, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer. That way we save on Credit Card fees and we pass the savings on to you.


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