1/2 Troy Ounce Vial of Colorado Fine Gold Dust
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1/2 Troy Ounce Vial of Colorado Fine Gold Dust

Vial with one half troy ounce of fine gold from Colorado. The weight of the gold in the vial is 15.5 Grams (240 Grains). This is a great way to buy gold bullion, and it is also great for melting down to make jewelry as it is very pure. Also know as Flour Gold or Gold Dust, this fine gold is clean, bright, and has almost no black sand at all. Gold this nice and clean is very rare and hard to find, so it sells at a premium over spot gold prices. Double or triple your money by putting it into small vials with water and selling it on eBay, flea markets, swap meets, or other venues. It makes a great investment and is ideal for jewelry making, gift giving and displaying. It is approximately 98% to 99% pure gold.(Approximately 23 KT).


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