109 OZ Museum Grade Natural Gold Nugget Specimen - Amazing
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109 OZ Museum Grade Natural Gold Nugget Specimen - Amazing

This huge museum grade gold specimen sold to the first buyer who saw the photos after I received and photographed it. This is the most spectacular natural gold specimen that I have had the pleasure to sell. The total weigh of this incredible gold in white quartz specimen is 109.14 Troy Ounces (3394.3 Grams). A specific gravity test demonstrates that there is 83.1 Troy Ounces (2584.4 Grams) of gold in this amazing gold specimen. It is massive and it measures 6” (15 cm) x 5.5” (13.5 cm) x 4” (10 cm).

The gold in this natural gold specimen is the rarest there is. It is crystalline leaf gold, and it shows as blades or ribbons of crystalline gold throughout the specimen. The white quartz is a gorgeous contrast to the shiny crystalline gold. Using a magnifying loupe you can even see some small gold crystals, trigons, octahedrons, and other crystals in clusters on at least two areas of the specimen. On one end of the specimen the gold is splayed and curved and it looks like a waterfall.

Below is a testimony from the Australian owner (Research Scientist/Gold Prospector) of the 109 ounce gold nugget specimen on his experience in having us sell his massive gold specimen on consignment:

“I recently decided to sell my large gold in quartz specimen. This was a large and very rare specimen, but I was disappointed that the best offer I could attract in Australia was only about 10% over spot price. So, I looked at various options for sending it for sale in the United States. This seemed the most sensible thing to do, as the US has a large, affluent population where collectors are clearly willing to pay well for quality nuggets and specimens.

In my research, one seller stood out above all others in terms of the size and quality of their offerings and the prices they were obtaining. So, I emailed the Gold Nugget Sales website with some details. Garry got back to me promptly and after further discussion he suggested a consignment sale arrangement for my specimen.

After the discussion came the difficult decision of whether I should actually send my beloved specimen to the other side of the planet to a person I had never met. I was extremely nervous about taking this step and I’m sure I nearly drove Garry mad with questions, all of which he answered with great sincerity and clarity.

Garry provided me with the contact details of several references, whom I called. All of them confirmed that Garry conducted business with a very high commitment to integrity and transparency. Still nervous, I decided to Google the references, and all of them checked out fine. Finally, I looked at Garry’s eBay store where his feedback was 100%, and his customer numbers in the thousands. I concluded that Garry and his business were “fair dinkum” (honest/trustworthy) and we both agreed to, and signed, a simple consignment-sale contract.

After I had shipped the specimen from Australia and Garry had received it, Garry stayed in regular contact and kept me informed of any developments. My specimen sold for the amount I had sought and Garry promptly remitted the funds to me at the conclusion of the sale.

It is my pleasure to recommend Garry and his wife Janet and their business to anyone interested in maximizing their return from the sale of gold nuggets. I found Garry to be an “old-school”, good to his word, type of person, who provides a great service.

Dr. S. Cairns, Australia

Gold nuggets or specimens this large are extremely rare. It is estimated that there are less than 150 gold nuggets/specimens over 100 ounces in existence. From the huge gold specimens I have seen I would estimate that less than 10% of those nuggets/specimens over 100 ounces would be crystalline gold, so less than 15. When you add in the fact that the gold is gorgeous crystalline leaf gold, which in itself is extremely rare, it is estimated that there are fewer than 5 specimens of this size and similar gold type in existence. This one is clearly museum quality, and in a museum or private collection it would outshine all but a very few gold specimens in existence today. Museum pieces like this come along once in a lifetime, sometimes never in a lifetime, and once it is sold it is highly unlikely that it will ever change hands again. You will certainly never find another gold specimen like this for sale! It would make a great conversation piece sitting in a collectors display cabinet, or on the desk of a gold mining executive, gold trader, or gold stock broker or investor.

This amazing gold specimen was found on the Palmer River Goldfield in Queensland, Australia. This goldfield is situated in a very rugged and remote area approximately 130 kilometres west of Cooktown (named after Captain James Cook who conducted emergency repairs on the HMS Endeavour after it was holed by a reef near Cooktown). The Palmer River Goldfield was the largest goldfield in the state of Queensland, producing more than a million ounces, with the gold known for its high purity. The gold prospector who found this specimen assayed some gold found in the same location at 97.6% pure gold, some of the purest natural gold that I have ever seen. As far as can be ascertained, this gorgeous gold specimen is the largest specimen still in existence from this goldfield.

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