100,000 Trigons - Magnificent Gold Crystal Specimen - Nevada
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100,000 Trigons - Magnificent Gold Crystal Specimen - Nevada


A true one of a kind from Round Mountain Gold Mine. A large gold crystal leaf cluster with every leaf being covered in trigon crystals. The formation is considered extremely rare and this is a museum grade gold specimen. The individual leaves form sharp angles and create a master piece of origami gold. Every time I see a different piece of crystallized gold from Round Mountain, I'm convinced I've seen the best of what the mine has uncovered. Yet the gold continues to impress and mesmerize.
Crystallized gold can take on many different habits or growth patterns. One of particular interest is the trigon or trigonal formation that looks like a pyramid with a three dimensional body.

Item# T
Weight: 27.15 grams (418.8 grains)
Dimensions: 2-1/8" or 52mm


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