100 Grams Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nuggets
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100 Grams Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nuggets

These natural gold nuggets were all found by gold prospectors in Australia over many years. They are all hand selected jewelry/investment grade natural gold nuggets, the highest grade of natural gold nuggets available. They are clean and free from any significant host rock and mineralization. And being Australian nuggets they are the highest purity available, typically 94% to 98% pure (22KT to 23KT). They are sold here in lots of 100 grams each. Selling them in 100 gram lots instead of selling each nugget individually saves me time in not having to photograph each nugget, and that saves you money.

Each lot has different size and weight nuggets, but they are all from the same batch of nuggets, so each lot will be similar in size, weight and quality. The four photos show 4 different lots of 100 grams each. The nuggets range in weight from over 1 gram to about 7 grams. The average weight of the individual nuggets is over 3 grams. I am currently offering 6 lots for sale. The 6 lots have the following number of nuggets. The lower the number of nuggets in the lot, the larger the nuggets in general. Conversely the higher the number of nuggets in the lot the smaller the nuggets in general. You can specify which lot you would like by putting the Lot # in the message section of your order or by sending us an email after you place your order.
Lot #211 - 23 nuggets
Lot #199 - 25 nuggets
Lot #210 - 28 nuggets
Lot #212 - 29 nuggets
Lot #201 - 31 nuggets
Lot #195 - 47 nuggets

These nuggets are an excellent investment, being jewelry/investment grade nuggets, which are increasingly hard to find for sale. Advances in metal detector technology over the years means that the Australian gold fields have been worked over again and again with every new generation of metal detector. So the easy to find nuggets have been found and there will be a lot less gold nuggets found going forward. As the supply decreases the price increases. We have already seen that happen in the recent gold price decline where jewelry/investment grade Australian gold nuggets have held their value extremely well due to the short supply of them, while common grade nugget prices have fallen with the price of gold.

Note that we offer a 2.5% discount for payment by Direct Deposit, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Bank Wire Transfer. That way we save on Credit Card fees and we pass the savings on to you.


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