Rare Jewelry Grade Crystalline Plate Gold Nugget
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Rare Jewelry Grade Crystalline Plate Gold Nugget


This Crystalline Plate Gold Nugget was found by a gold prospector in Western Australia. Plate gold is natural crystalline gold that is formed into a thin flat "plate". Plate gold nuggets are rare, and you don't often see them offered for sale, since they are highly collectible. Because this nugget is so thin, it has a very large surface area for the weight. It measures just under 3/4" (19 mm) long and the weight is 3.84 Grams (59.2 Grains). I only have a couple of plate gold nuggets left, so get them while you can. As with all of our gold nuggets and specimens, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Item #875gnfsAGN Weight: 3.84 grams (59.2 grains)
Dimensions: 3/4" or 19mm


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