Natural Gold Nugget with Eroded Gold Crystals
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Natural Gold Nugget with Eroded Gold Crystals


It is not very often that you see a Natural Australian Gold Nugget with gold crystals. This spectacular gold nugget has multiple eroded and elongated gold crystals on one side. It is fantastic to see and the nugget is a high quality jewelry/investment grade gold nugget, the highest grade you can buy. Purity is approximately 22 KT to 23 KT (92% to 98% pure). This raw gold nugget measures 9/16" (16 mm) long and the weight is 6.3 Grams (97.2 Grains). There is no better way to invest in gold than to buy natural gold nuggets. The rarity and beauty protects your investment and gives you great upside to the gold price. As with all our gold nuggets, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Item #869gnfsAGN Weight: 6.3 grams (97.2 grains)
Dimensions: 9/16" or 16mm


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