Huge and Rare - Our Largest Natural Australian Reef Gold Nugget
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Huge and Rare - Our Largest Natural Australian Reef Gold Nugget


This is the largest reef gold nugget that I have ever seen and the last piece of reef gold in my collection. It has been in my personal collection for about 15 years. It weighs 25.6 Grams, and it measures 1.3" (35 mm) across. It is very thin, at approximately 1/8" (3 mm) thick and it is a very consistent thickness across the whole nugget, a characteristic that is common to reef gold. It has a fantastic shape, almost completely round, and the color and sheen is stunning. It is clean and free from all but just a few tiny bits of quartz, making it a high quality jewelry/investment grade gold nugget.

I really hate to part with it since it is such a beautiful and rare gold specimen, but my collection is paying for our retirement, so I must slowly part with my prized pieces. Natural Reef gold nuggets are extremely rare. These were found in an old quartz reef off the coast of Australia. I have only seen reef gold for sale once in my lifetime, when I purchased the reef gold specimens that I have about 15 years ago from an Australian gold prospector. It was a one time find for him and I have never seen it offered for sale again. I only have a few pieces of reef gold left in my collection, so if you want to get some of this rare reef gold, now would be a very good time. Rare gold nuggets like this are rarely offered for sale and are highly prized by investors and collectors.

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Item #876 Weight: 25.6 grams (395 grains)
Dimensions: 1-3/8" or 35mm


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