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Unique Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nugget

Unique Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nugget

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This Natural Gold Nugget is incredible. It has a very unique shape and gorgeous color and texture. The shape resembles a bear. You can see it's head, and it looks like a large bear next to a cub. Very unique and interesting. The weight is a hefty 38.7 Grams (1.24 Troy Ounces) and was recovered by a gold prospector quite a few years ago in Western Australia using a Minelab metal detector. It would make an amazing large pendant, perfect to solder on a gold bail and add a gold chain. It is absolutely gorgeous and is a hand selected jewelry/investment grade, the highest quality of natural raw gold specimen you can buy. It is free from any host rock or mineralization and the purity is estimated at 92% to 98% pure (22KT to 23KT). It measures 1.25" (33 mm) long and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. It would make a great investment, jewelry piece, or a fantastic addition to your collection.

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Item# 833
Weight: 38.7 grams (1.24 Troy Ounces)
Dimensions: 1-1/4" or 33mm

Unique Jewelry Grade Australian Gold Nugget