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Brilliant "Boot Shaped" Large Australian Gold Nugget

Brilliant "Boot Shaped" Large Australian Gold Nugget


Wow! Check out this incredible natural gold nugget. It is shaped like a whale and has outstanding color and texture. It is absolutely gorgeous! The weight is a very large 53.9 Grams (1.73 Troy Ounces) and it measures in at 2" (50 mm) long. It was found by a gold prospector using a Minelab metal detector in Western Australia quite a few years ago. It is not often that such a clean and unique jewelry/investment grade nugget is found these days, with the gold fields having been worked over and over again with each new generation of metal detector. Jewelers, investors, and collectors love my hand selected Australian Gold Nuggets because of their high purity and gorgeous color.

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Item# 838
Weight: 53.9 grams (1.73 Troy Ounces)
Dimensions: 2" or 50mm

Brilliant "Boot Shaped" Large Australian Gold Nugget