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RARE 9.03 Ounce Natural Gold Nugget - California - Museum Grade

RARE 9.03 Ounce Natural Gold Nugget - California - Museum Grade

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This is a very rare natural gold nugget that was found by a gold prospector in the Placerville area of California 30 to 40 years ago. It weighs 280.8 Grams (9.03 Troy ounces) and it measures approximately 3" (7.5 cm) long x 1.75" (4 cm) wide x 1.5" (3.75 cm) thick. It has gorgeous color and lots of texture and character. Placerville is a historically significant town from the California Gold Rush days and a gold nugget from this area has historical value as well as value as a collectors item and an investment.

I am selling this nugget for a long term gold nugget collector who has had this gorgeous gold nugget in his collection for many years. He wants to raise cash for something so he says sell it, so it is priced to sell quickly. It is very rare to see a solid gold nugget of this size from California, as most of the huge nuggets found in California have a lot of quartz mixed in with the gold. To find one like this that is clean and free of mineralization and significant quartz is very rare indeed.

This is a museum and investment grade natural gold nugget, the highest grade you can buy. Most of the few large California gold nuggets known to exist were found many years ago. During the California Gold Rush that started in 1849 almost all of the huge gold nuggets found were sold to gold refiners and melted, as the gold prospectors needed cash and there were few people rich enough or smart enough to collect gold nuggets. The few nuggets that survived are usually held by museums or in long term collections like this one. It is not often that a rare California nugget like this beauty comes on the market for sale. This is a great opportunity for a smart and fortunate collector or investor to purchase this valuable gold specimen and add a rare and gorgeous gold nugget from the California Gold Country to their collection. It also makes a great investment. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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RARE 9.03 Ounce Natural Gold Nugget - California - Museum Grade