Awesome and Long Australian Natural Gold Nugget

This awesome natural Australian Gold Nugget weighs in at a hefty 10.6 Grams (163.5 Grains). It comes from from Western Australia. This is one of my favorite nuggets in this category because it has such a large surface area for the weight, and the color and shape are outstanding. Gold nuggets like this one from Western Australia are some of the purest in the world. The gold in this incredible natural gold specimen is 92% to 98% pure (22KT to 23KT). Holding a hefty natural gold nugget like this in your hand is incredible. This nugget is 1.25" (31 mm) long. A truly awesome Australian Natural Gold Nugget! Found with a metal detector by a gold prospector, this beautiful gold specimen has tons of character. It is very high quality, the grade is jewelry/investment grade, which is the highest quality you can buy. With no mineralization or host rock attached, this gold nugget is suitable for jewelry making. Australia has some of the purest natural gold specimens in the world. You will not be disappointed to own such a high quality natural gold nugget.

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