Rare Natural Australian Gold Nugget with Gold Crystals

Almost never do you see a natural Australian Gold Nugget with gold crystals attached. It is a very rare occurrence in Australia. This is a very interesting nugget for me. It has some dark mineralization, which would make it a common grade nugget if not for the crystals. And I never sell common grade nuggets, only hand selected jewelry/investment grade nuggets, as they are the ones that hold their value and have a greater price increase potential than other gold investments. But the reason I am selling this nugget is that on the side with the mineralization it has some distinct crystal formations that can be seen with a loupe. I see cube formations and octahedrons with many naturally faceted surfaces. It is really amazing to look at with a loupe. The crystals are so rare to see that I am overlooking the dark mineralization. This gorgeous natural gold nugget with gold crystals measures just over 3/4" (20 mm) long and it weighs in at 5.23 Grams (80.7 Grains).

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