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Museum Grade 6.96 Ounce Gold in Quartz - New Mine in California

Museum Grade 6.96 Ounce Gold in Quartz - New Mine in California

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This gorgeous gold in quartz specimen is from a new mine find in Tuolumne County, California. For security reasons the guys who found the new mine won't disclose it's name or location until they have completed mining the vein. The vein is extremely rich as you can see in the photos of this spectacular gold specimen. One of the beautiful things about this find is that the gold is coming out in layers of gorgeous crystalline gold in quartz approximately 1/2" (12 mm) thick, which means the surface area of these gold specimens is massive. This one weighs 6.96 Troy Ounces (216.5 Grams) with a gold content (verified by a specific gravity test) of 4.98 Troy Ounces (154.88 Grams) and the size is a massive 6" long x 2" wide x 1/2" thick.

Most of the existing gold mines in California were found during the gold rush of 1849. To find a new mine with such rich crystalline gold in quartz veins does not happen very often. Buying this incredible gold specimen presents one lucky collector a great opportunity to add a rare and beautiful gold in quartz specimen from the California Gold Country to your collection. It also makes a great investment.

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