16.7 Ounce Gold Nugget from California - Museum Grade

This nugget sold in 9 days from listing it on the website. This is a gorgeous gold nugget, and it is huge. It weighs a total of 16.71 Troy Ounces (520 Grams). Two specific gravity tests have been done, confirming that there is 9.71 Troy Ounces (302 Grams) of gold in this specimen. It is a real handful at 4.5" long x 2" wide x 1.3" thick. There is gold showing on all sides of this beauty.

Most of the large gold nuggets from California were found during the gold rush of 1849, and to find such a gorgeous river worn nugget is amazing. This huge gold specimen comes from the heart of the Mother Lode Region of California near Angels Camp in Calaveras County. The nugget has been named the "Mother of Angels" because it was found near Angels Camp. It was found on private property by the property owner using a metal detector. Buying this incredible gold specimen presents one lucky collector a great opportunity to add a rare and beautiful gold nugget from the California Gold Country to your collection. It also makes a great investment.

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