Very Rare Gold Specimen in Skarn from Ecuador

This extremely rare Gold Specimen in Skarn comes from the Sultana Mine in Zamora, Ecuador and is on consignment from a prospector in California. I only have five gold specimens from this location, so if you want one for your collection, don't hesitate. The weight of this one is 29.2 Grams and the size is 1.6" long x 7/8" wide x 5/8" thick. It has several spots of visible gold on the surface, and more gold contained inside the skarn. This is likely the only time that you will see any gold specimens from this location for sale so get one or more of these for your gold collection while you have the chance.

Ok, what is skarn you ask? Skarns can form during regional or contact metamorphism and from a variety of metasomatic processes involving fluids of magmatic, metamorphic, meteoric, and/or marine origin. They are found adjacent to plutons, along faults and major shear zones, in shallow geothermal systems, on the bottom of the seafloor, and at lower crustal depths in deeply buried metamorphic terrains. What links these diverse environments, and what defines a rock as skarn, is the mineralogy. This mineralogy includes a wide variety of calc-silicate and associated minerals but usually is dominated by garnet and pyroxene.

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