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Extremely Rare 23.34 Ounce Gold Nugget from Mexico -Museum Grade

Extremely Rare 23.34 Ounce Gold Nugget from Mexico -Museum Grade

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It only took us two weeks to sell this beauty. This is a huge 23.34 troy ounce (725.8 Grams) natural gold nugget from Mexico. Natural Gold Nuggets from Mexico are very rare, especially huge super nice gold nuggets like this one. It was found on April 20, 2015 in Northern Senora, Mexico, near the town of Caborca, by a rancher/gold prospector (called a "Gambusino" in Mexico), who was using a Minelab model 4000 metal detector when he found the nugget. It was found not far from where the famous 389 troy ounce "Boot of Cortez" nugget was found.

This is the largest natural gold nugget from Mexico that I have seen offered for sale since 2008 when the Boot Of Cortez nugget was sold for more than 1.3 million dollars. The last gold nugget I had from Mexico was just over 15 ounces and it sold quickly over a year ago.

This natural gold nugget is huge, at 23.31 troy ounces (725.8 Grams). A specific gravity test indicates that there is 445.6 Grams (14.33 Troy ounces) of gold contained in this nugget. It is a real handful and is about the size of a baseball. It measures 3.25" (8 cm) long x 3" (7 cm) wide x 2" (5 cm) thick. It fills your palm and it is awesome how good it feels to have all that gold weight sitting in your hand. The gold is a buttery golden color and is very pure. From the color of the gold I estimate the purity at 22KT to 23KT (92% to 98% pure).

This is a rare opportunity for you to add an exceptionally rare and huge gold nugget to your collection. You can be the proud owner of an extremely rare gold nugget from Mexico.

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Extremely Rare 23.34 Ounce Gold Nugget from Mexico -Museum Grade