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Gold Nugget Money Clip with Genuine Mercury Dime

Gold Nugget Money Clip with Genuine Mercury Dime

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This is a very beautiful custom hand made, gold nugget money clip. Note that the bright spots and any haze in the photo is light reflection off the glossy clear resin stone and is not on the actual money clip. This money clip is handmade by a prospector who lives in the Mother Lode Region of Northern California. Even the gold plating on the metal parts is custom applied. The quality is superb.

The center stone contains a genuine Mercury Dime, surrounded by placer gold nuggets from California's Mother Lode Region, encased in a clear resin on a black background. (I use one photo for all my Mercury Dime Money Clips as they are all very similar, so the dime in the photo is not necessarily the same date as the money clip you will receive.)

The gold in the stone is 100% genuine placer gold nuggets from California. It is 92% to 99.6% pure (22K to 24K), giving the gold a beautiful rich luster. The stone is set onto a very attractive money clip. It is custom plated with 23K gold. The back has a metal tension mechanism that can be adjusted to the amount of bills that you are carrying. It holds the bills securely.

This gold nugget money clip is very high quality and long lasting. I have been using one of these money clips every day for over 10 years and the clip still works fine. The center stone is 1.25" wide x 1.62" high and overall the money clip is 1" x 2". The resin is very durable and the one I carry is still very glossy and shows no visible scratches after being carried in the same front pocket as my keys for over 10 years.