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3 Pound Gold Pay Dirt - Juneau, Alaska

3 Pound Gold Pay Dirt - Juneau, Alaska

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3 pound gold paydirt bag with a guaranteed 3 grams of gold. Juneau was established as a gold mining town. In 1880 a local Native American, Chief Kowee, revealed to prospectors Joe Juneau and Richard Harris the presence of gold in the Gold Creek River. This sparked an immediate gold rush and the city of Juneau was founded there that same year. Gold seekers and prospectors flocked to the area to seek their fortunes. Large operations were quickly developed and Juneau lode mines, in their time, became the largest in the world and hundreds of miles of tunnels were carved throughout the mountains that surround the valley. The gold milling operations back then could only recover about 80% of the gold from the ore and the tailings are what created the beaches in and around Juneau and the town was built on top of the tailings from the mine. This makes the paydirt sand from this area prime and unique.

- International Customers - In order to keep your shipping costs low and your ROI high, we will be shipping less dirt in your bags to keep the shipping weight less than eight ounces. The bags will still have the guaranteed gold, just not as much dirt to pan through.

A very old photo taken of the gold mill that processed the gold ore and created the beaches of Juneau.

A recent photo of what remains of the gold mill. There is only one gold mine currently being operated in the area.

The beaches of Juneau showing the river dredging of local prospectors. Juneau has become a tourist destination for cruise ships and one is visible in the background.

3 Pound Gold Pay Dirt - Juneau, Alaska