Rare Museum Grade 14.55 Ounce Gold in Quartz - Bralorne Mine

This is a very rare and spectacular natural gold specimen. It comes from the Bralorne Mine in the Bridge River area of Lillooet, British Columbia in Canada. Just about 75 miles from where I grew up. It weighs 14.55 Troy Ounces (452.6 Grams) and a specific gravity test shows 7.25 Troy Ounces (225.5 Grams) of contained gold. The size is 4.25" x 3" x 1.75". (10.5cm x 8cm x 4cm). It also has some very attractive arsenopyrite, which is the silver colored material. I tested it with a multi-meter which shows that the gold on the front and back of the specimen is all connected so the gold veins run right through the specimen.

The specimen was found in the late 1930's and it has a lot of provenance with it. There is an old canceled stock certificate for 100 shares in "Bralorne Mines Limited" which comes with the specimen. Stamps on the certificate show that the stock was sold in 1956. There is also a 14" x 22" map of the Bralorne Mine issued in 1938, showing the vein and fault systems in the mine. There is also an old specimen catalog tag that states the specimen was found at the 3600 ft level underground. That is more provenance than I have ever seen come with a gold specimen. Perfect for the seasoned gold collector or for a collector who wants to start their gold collection with an amazing museum grade specimen.

It isn't often that you will see a rare gold specimen this spectacular for sale, and at such a great price. I have never before seen a gold specimen from the Bralorne Mine offered for sale, that's how rare it is. And it is a stunning and gorgeous museum quality gold specimen. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity. The proper place for a spectacular gold specimen of this caliber is in a museum. Now you can own it for your private collection. You will probably never have another chance to purchase such a rare and stunning museum grade gold specimen like this.

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