Rarest Museum Grade Gold Specimen - Massive 34.4 Troy Ounces


This 34.37 troy ounce natural gold specimen is absolutely incredible. The size, quality and rarity make it a Museum Grade natural gold specimen. It is absolutely the rarest gold specimen that I have seen in all my years buying and selling gold specimens. How can I say that? Because it is the ONLY natural gold specimen that I have ever seen from South Africa, and I have seen a lot of gold specimens and collections. There are a couple reasons for this. First, almost all the gold mined in South Africa is microscopic gold, not visible to the human eye, so that makes this an extremely rare find. Second, South African miners are not permitted to take gold specimens from the mines, so all the gold mined in South Africa goes straight to the crusher to be melted and refined into gold bars. I also recently heard from someone who was told by a mineral dealer in South Africa that it is illegal for citizens to sell gold in it's natural form. I Googled “Gold Specimens from South Africa” and I was unable to find a picture, listing, or reference to a natural gold specimen from South Africa, so this may be the rarest gold specimen there is. If anyone has ever seen a gold specimen from South Africa with visible gold, please email me and let me know where I can see the info on it. This rare gold specimen must have come out of South Africa with a mine owner, who would be the only one legally allowed to bring it out. So even if other specimens like this exist, the greatest likelihood is that they will be crushed, so this may always remain the rarest gold specimen you could ever see or own.

The specimen weighs 34.37 Troy Ounces (1068.9 Grams) and the size is 5” long x 4” wide x 2.25” thick (13 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm). I did a specific gravity test on the specimen that shows a gold content of 4.64 Troy Ounces (144.3 Grams). I also tested the front and back of the specimen with an OHM meter and the gold is connected front and back which means the gold vein runs right through the specimen. You can clearly see the 1” thick vein of crystalline gold running through the specimen, and the color of the gold suggests that it is 22KT to 23Kt in purity (92% to 98% pure gold). It comes from the Barberton Mine in M’pumalanga Province in South Africa where they are currently mining at depths of 8,000 to 10,000 feet.

The quartz in this gorgeous gold specimen ranges from white, to light gray, to dark gray, to almost black. The quartz looks very rich and beautiful and it has a gorgeous natural sheen. This natural gold specimen would be perfect for the gold specimen collector who wants to own the rarest gold specimen known, or a person who has everything, (except a natural gold specimen from South Africa). It would make a great conversation piece sitting in a collectors display cabinet, or on the desk of a gold mining executive, or a gold trader, or a gold stock broker or investor. It would be perfectly in place, and a focal point, in any museum or collection displaying rare gold specimens. All I know is that you are never going to see another gold specimen like this for sale from South Africa.

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