Very Long Unique Shaped Natural Gold Nugget from Australia


What a unique and pretty Australian Natural Gold Nugget specimen. It has a very unique shape and it is very long. At certain angles it looks like an animal with a bushy tail. The size is over 1.25" (34 mm) long and it weighs 6.2 Grams (95.7 Grains). Jewelry/Investment Grade Australian Gold Nuggets like this one are very pure (92% to 98% pure) and make a great investment and are highly prized by gold collectors, investors and jewelers. Jewelry/Investment grade are the highest quality natural gold nuggets you can buy and is what we specialize in. This awesome gold nugget was found by a prospector in Australia using a metal detector. It would make a great addition to any gold collection. As with all our other gold nuggets, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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