Canada Gold Nuggets

The natural nuggets in this category come from the Twin Creeks area of British Columbia in Canada. I bought these nuggets from my brother and a couple that prospected for many years in the Twin Creeks area of Northern British Columbia. The nuggets I got from them took them many years of hard work to find and collect. It is not often that you see gold nuggets for sale from British Columbia. Much of the gold found in B.C. is very fine and recovering gold nuggets as large and nice as these ones is extremely rare. I have a very limited supply of these nuggets and my brother and the couple I bought them from sold me all they had. There are no other prospectors currently working in the Twin Creeks area as it is considered "worked out" so it is likely you will never again see any natural gold nuggets for sale from this area. Each B.C. natural gold nugget we sell has the weight clearly shown in the description and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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