Rare Gold Nuggets and Specimens

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Although jewelry/investment grade natural gold nuggets are generally considered rare, natural gold nuggets fall into the "rare" category when they are of such a distinct shape or structure that a similar type gold nugget is rarely ever seen, or the location where they were found is not known for producing any quantity of gold nuggets.

I have been collecting rare gold nuggets for many years, so enjoy as you take a picturesque walk through a gallery of rare gold. You will be delighted by the prices, as I am certain that you will not find such a great selection of rare natural gold nuggets offered anywhere else. Each rare natural gold nugget and specimen we sell has the weight clearly shown in the description and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Rare Gold Nuggets and Specimens Rare Gold Nuggets and Specimens
1–2 of 2 items
1–2 of 2 items