(image for) The "BIG EASY" -15 gram Nuggets and Pickers Paydirt
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The "BIG EASY" -15 gram Nuggets and Pickers Paydirt


A loaded Jug of paydirt with 15 grams of nuggets and pickers to include a 3 plus gram gold nugget. The gold in this jug is all pickers and larger gold but you should pan the concentrates like you would any other paydirt as there is always a little fine gold in the jug as well.

- International Customers -
In order to keep your shipping costs low and your ROI high, we will be shipping less dirt in your bags to keep the shipping weight less than eight ounces. The bags will still have the guaranteed gold, just not as much dirt to pan through.

Click the play button below to learn more about the "Big Easy" Jug of paydirt and the beautiful gold.


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