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3 Pound Colorado Pay Dirt


There's a secret amongst the gravel pit operators in and around the South Park area of FairPlay, Colorado. The gravels contains gold!

For the longest time I was required to keep this a secret and could not tell anyone exactly where this paydirt comes from but recently I was allowed to divulge the secret of the Fairplay gravel pits. If you look closely at the operations of many of these gravel pit operators, you will notice a Trommel sitting amongst their equipment. Most of these operations are legitimate gravel operators and some are there just for the gold - it is far easier to get a gravel pit permit verses and open pit gold mining permit.

The gravels I was able to source from these pits was before it went through the trammels and is unsearched but has been classified down to make it a workable product for gold panning. Each bag contains a guaranteed 3 grams of gold and three pounds of material. The gold ranges in size from 16 to 40 mesh for the most part. All of the gold for this paydirt comes from Colorado and is sourced from one of the gravel pits or near by from the operators at London Mountain. This bag has always been more unusual than our other offerings and is not the typical river material but a gravel of sorts and offers a different panning experience. Now that the secret out, we plan to make a vlog video next summer about the FairPlay gravel pits and the gold that is found there.

- International Customers -
In order to keep your shipping costs low and your ROI high, we will be shipping less dirt in your bags to keep the shipping weight less than eight ounces. The bags will still have the guaranteed gold, just not as much dirt to pan through.


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