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3 Pound Benson Beach Black Sand Concentrate Paydirt


A great bag of paydirt with three pound of Benson Beach sand with a guaranteed 3 grams of gold. The gold is all from the beaches of Washington and Oregon and ranges in size from -40 mesh to +20 mesh and makes a great panning experience with fine gold that makes for a challenging bag of paydirt.
- International Customers -
In order to keep your shipping costs low and your ROI high, we will be shipping less dirt in your bags to keep the shipping weight less than eight ounces. The bags will still have the guaranteed gold, just not as much dirt to pan through.

A three Pound bag of paydirt with a guaranteed 3 grams of gold. The gold paydirt from Benson Beach, Washington is a unique find. For the most part, the beaches of the Pacific Northwest do not have a large amount of gold. What makes Benson Beach unique is the gold comes from the river dredging operations on the Columbia River. The river is constantly dredged to make sure the shipping channel for freighter ships remains deep enough for passage (42' feet deep is what I'm told). The sand that is dredged gets shipped out to sea about 15 miles from the shoreline of Benson Beach on the Washington coast line. The ocean currents bring a lot of that sand (and gold) back to the beaches. This is especially true after winter storms pass through the region when the current is especially strong. Because river dredging is an ongoing process every year, the gold essentially gets replaced over time, making it a prime source for rich paydirt.

A fantastic photo taken from Benson Beach during a winter storm. The strong currents during these storms bring the gold to the beach.

An aerial photo of Benson Beach and the North Jetty of the Columbia River.

A great photo of a large river dredging ship used on the Columbia River. Mount Saint Helen is in the background.


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