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100% ROI Guaranteed - Premium Pay Dirt - 5 grams Guaranteed Gold


Our Best Selling bag of paydirt...and yes, you read it correctly. This bag of paydirt may be a first for the industry to guarantee you're getting a 100% ROI. And yes, this even includes the shipping costs. You get it all back in gold! The total you pay for this paydirt bag will yield a guaranteed 100% return on investment in gold based on the current daily spot price. There is a guaranteed 5 grams of gold in the bag.

This is a crazy good deal and a fun bag of paydirt with primarily gold from 30-100 mesh screen size and can be a challenging bag for less experienced panner's to get all five grams out. The weight of the bag is now 3 pounds and ships via USPS Priority Mail.

- International Customers -
In order to keep your shipping costs low and your ROI high, we will be shipping less dirt in your bags to keep the shipping weight less than eight ounces. The bags will still have the guaranteed gold, just not as much dirt to pan through. For international customers, I cannot guarantee 100% ROI but it'll be darn close to it. Also, if you reside in Washington State, there is sales tax which the state requires me to collect and will make the 100% ROI guarantee more like a 92% ROI.


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