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Good morning Mike, Just wanted to give you some feedback about your paydirt product but first I'd like to give you a little backstory. I will try to shorten this up as much as possible. I have a nephew who isn't like most young teens these days. He LOVES to be outdoors all the time in any season. He doesn't care to sit in front of a TV or Xbox. I've been trying to find things to do with him outdoors and had noticed that every time he was over he would spend some time researching gold prospecting and seemed to be extremely interested in it. For Christmas I purchased a gold panning kit with some essentials, a few bags of paydirt from Lynch Mining, a couple 1gram bags from Gold Bay, a couple bags of Diggers Delight from Miners Depot, and from you I purchased a 3g. bag of chunky paydirt with the 1g. nugget, and the 1 lb. bag of Juneau with 1 gram of gold. He and I spent the entire Christmas day panning out these paydirts. I saved your 2 bags for last. When he found that 1.8g gold nugget in our 3rd pan of the chunky. He lost his mind like a volcano of excitement. You got the both of us hooked. In my opinion your product is so much better than the others I had purchased. It was easier to pan (this was literally our first time ever panning). The price is better than most that I have purchased based on the amount of gold you get. You seem to have the cheapest and fastest shipping out there. The personalized thank you on the bags was a nice touch too. GREAT PRODUCT Mike. I will be purchasing from you again. I think my nephew has his eyes on the 3g leaf gold. Thanks for having a product like this available. Have a great New Year!
E. Kelly
Without any doubt this is the best paydirt I have ever bought! The amount of gold that I panned was brilliant to say the least! It was incredible, the price compared to gold ratio kept the gold fever smile going on and on as more and more gold started to appear while I was panning! It’s true, it is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Mike for providing the best pay dirt I have ever bought, satisfaction is 100%!! Regards
D Smith, Australia
A solid 5 stars for sure!!! Nothing but good things to say about Gold Nugget Sales and the great man behind it. Mike...A giant THANK YOU for your stunning customer service, your great attitude and a fabulous first time buy for me from Gold Nugget Sales. Oh yeah...and putting up with all my emails. I have been looking at and for some time now because of all the beautiful inventory of incredible gold nuggets and products. Then he came out with gold paydirt. Me being a dedicated mailbox miner,the paydirt seriously caught my attention. I was also at the time looking for a second honest,fair and all around good seller to purchase my paydirt from. With Mike I found all of the above. The paydirt experience was exactly as described. 3 lbs of clean beach sand with a incredible amount of clean beautiful gold shipped very quickly at a cost that is as fair as it can be. To all mailbox miners!!! Take it from a fellow mailbox miner that cares about all honest buyers and sellers. Gold Nugget Sales is a top contender of top contenders. Get you some of Mikes paydirt or Gold products. You won't be disappointed. I for sure enjoyed the experience from start to finish and will be doing business with Mike for a long time to come.
Jeff L. California
I have done business with Mike and GNFS for several years now. I have been collecting gold crystals for over 30 years and have never found a company so easy to deal with, for one...Plus the best selection of specimens on the planet !!! Mike is very professional and eager to help the collector build a world class collection. The number of specimens and quality of the specimens are second to none. Gold crystals are like snow flakes, no two the same, and Mike gives you a great selection of those flakes, at a reasonable price...Mike and GNFS makes obtaining real rarities achievable/affordable. GNFS is #1 in my book. Thank you for the opportunity to comment...
Mike L., Michigan
I always wanted a nice gold nugget pendant but never had much luck finding one locally. I ran across on the internet and saw that the web page was very nicely laid out and professional. I was cautious at first but took a chance on a lower priced item. I had concerns about the paypal checkout process and my consumer rights in case anything went wrong on a long distance first time internet purchase. Mike was patient and answered all of my questions prior to the sale. After shopping around I found the prices to be very fair in comparison to other places that sell gold nuggets and related jewelry. After the checkout process was completed I was contacted immediately and given estimated shipping information that was quickly followed up by a tracking number after a slight delay for a bale to be added to my chosen nugget. The transaction went so well I ended up ordering 3 more pendants to include a beautiful 1.41 troy Oz larger pendant. Mike shipped my order overnight to me and even upgraded and rushed the 2 smaller pendants that still needed to have bales attached. The communication, courtesy, professionalism, and fast shipping were all top shelf and everything I could reasonably expect and more. I cannot imagine a better shopping experience. Mike simply left no room for improvement as he took care of everything. I rate this as a truly exceptional experience all the way around. has earned my continued and repeat business.
Samuel V., Texas
I have made many purchases over the past 3 years, Mike provides truly outstanding customer service. Every detail of your purchasing experience is professional and hassle free. The quality and value of his nuggets in unsurpassed. I spent a lot of time doing worldwide research before buying. Mike’s pricing is honest, and the value and beauty of his unique pieces is unbeatable. I particularly like his selection of custom designed and hand selected nugget jewelry! Mike and his team can custom make your design or create one just for you. Each hand selected and handmade creation is a one-of-a-kind piece! Sure to impress and uniquely your own. Uncompromising quality and value??? Look no further! This is a real review by a real customer…who is really impressed! Thanks Mike!
Geoff B., Hawaii
I would like to give my highest recommendation for this business. The vast quantity of specimens are of exceptional quality and better than pictured. Incredible selection from so many origins makes it really easy to find one/many that meet(s) your needs. Mike is very responsive and eager to help/support his customers in any way he can. The service, shipping and rapid delivery is truly outstanding. I would definitely recommend this source to anyone looking for that special nug(s) for their collection. I will definitely continue to exclusively purchase specimens from Mike for my gold collection, he's absolutely the very best!!!
- Brad K. California
Being born and raised in southern California, I was fortunate to have the exposure of that states early history that included what most consider the greatest gold rush of all time, namely the discovery and subsequent migration west of the untold thousands seeking the vast riches of "The Mother Lode". My interest in that period probably started from the stories told by my second and third grade teachers of the adventurous search for gold by so many seeking to better their lot in life and the lives of their families that were commonly left behind. As a collector in several areas of interest, putting together a group of gold rush era relics naturally and inevitably led me to examples of what was at the center of activity in mid-1800s California, natural gold nuggets and early first period strikings of fractional and territorial gold coins originally intended as a circulating currency to facilitate trade in the absence of sufficient quantities of officially minted federal coinage. When I first took a look at your excellent internet website " I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of natural gold nuggets that you offered for sale. As I had plans of finding a representative center piece for my California Gold Rush Collection, I was especially interested in your "huge gold nuggets" page and immediately saw the 26.41 ounce California Mother Lode placer nugget you were offering. It was basically a love-at-first-sight moment for me, with all of the main attributes that collectors look for in a focal piece that is intended for such a lofty position, namely shape, color, karat, character, weight, and location....... this one just had it all, and was that once in a lifetime near perfect example of what I have always envisioned a large California placer nugget should look like. Anyone who handles this piece instantly understands the meaning of "Gold Fever". Thank you for offering such an amazing piece and making it possible to add this Crown Jewel to the collection of a very appreciative new owner.
Ralph B., Arkansas
I recently decided to sell my large gold in quartz specimen. This was a large and very rare specimen, but I was disappointed that the best offer I could attract in Australia was too low. So, I looked at various options for sending it for sale in the United States. This seemed the most sensible thing to do, as in the US collectors are clearly willing to pay well for quality nuggets and specimens. In my research, one seller stood out above all others in terms of the size and quality of their offerings and the prices they were obtaining. So, I emailed the website with some details. Garry got back to me promptly and after further discussion he suggested a consignment sale arrangement for my specimen. After the discussion came the difficult decision of whether I should actually send my beloved specimen to the other side of the planet to a person I had never met. I was extremely nervous about taking this step and I’m sure I nearly drove Garry mad with questions, all of which he answered with great sincerity and clarity. Garry provided me with the contact details of several references, whom I called. All of them confirmed that Garry conducted business with a very high commitment to integrity and transparency. Still nervous, I decided to Google the references, and all of them checked out fine. Finally, I looked at Garry’s eBay store where his feedback was 100%, and his customer numbers in the thousands. I concluded that Garry and his business were “fair dinkum” (honest/trustworthy) and we both agreed to, and signed, a simple consignment-sale contract. After I had shipped the specimen from Australia and Garry had received it, Garry stayed in regular contact and kept me informed of any developments. My specimen sold for the amount I had sought and Garry promptly remitted the funds to me at the conclusion of the sale. It is my pleasure to recommend Garry and their business to anyone interested in maximizing their return from the sale of gold nuggets. I found Garry to be an “old-school”, good to his word, type of person, who provides a great service.
Dr. S. Cairns, Australia
I have consigned eight gold nuggets over 5oz with over the last two years. Six of these nuggets have sold for very close to the asking price in a relatively weak market. I was cautious at first but have found Garry to be impeccably honest, reliable, trust worthy, fair, and of high integrity. He does what he says. Just as important I am sure his clients find him the same. Bottom line he has my highest recommendation.
- R. T., Tennessee
My Husband is a huge fan of the Gold Rush show on the Discovery Channel and I decided for our 40th wedding anniversary to find him the perfect gold nugget. I did my research thoroughly but kept coming back to as they had the best selection and good prices for the high quality I saw on their website. I called to enquire and Mike was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and helping me pick out the perfect gold nugget. The shipping was next day and it even came with a beautiful photograph and signed certificate of authenticity. Mike, you nailed it! A great experience from start to finish and I couldn't be happier with my purchase or experience.
Sharron T., Wisconsin
I am a lifelong gold collector and have made many purchases online from different dealers. You won't find a more reputable and honest gold dealer anywhere online. Plus the absolute best selection of crystallized gold from around the world. is my first choice when buying natural gold. Keep up the good work Mike.
Larry A., New York
Well I took a gamble and ordered gold for the first time online. I am so glad I did and the experience was second to none. The gold was better than in the photographs and this gold nugget is the prize of my collection. These guy's have it together.
Mark H., Florida
Mike always delivers and its always a "wow" when I open a new package from GNFS. With the huge selection and quality, there isn't any other option for me as a collector...I keep coming back here.
Curtis P., Ohio
Mike, many thanks for the quick delivery - my best experience up to now with minerals from the US and they fulfill my expectations totally! I look forward for more business with you in the future.
- Hans L., Germany
I received my package of gold nuggets and it was so beautifully presented. Everything was individually boxed and the certificates of authenticity were simply beautiful. I was delighted and so happy! And I had a beautiful gold nugget pendant made, it was so beautiful and I am so excited to give it as a gift for my granddaughter’s birthday! Gold Nuggets For Sale was the only company I contacted after looking at a few websites. And when I called Mike he treated me with such kindness and patience. I asked many questions! He was so helpful and I felt very comfortable making my first ever gold nugget purchase. I will for sure be a loyal customer❣️ I highly recommend Gold Nuggets For Sale❣️
- Shary L., Florida


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