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Long Jewelry Grade Australian Natural Gold Nugget

Long Jewelry Grade Australian Natural Gold Nugget


This is an awesome natural Australian Gold Nugget. It was found by an Australian gold prospector using a metal detector in Western Australia. It is 1.5" (30 mm) long and the shape and texture are amazing. It also has a really gorgeous color. It weighs in at 21.7 Grams, over 2/3 of a troy ounce. It is a jewelry/investment grade nugget and gold nuggets like this one from Western Australia are some of the purest in the world. The gold in this incredible natural gold specimen is 92% to 98% pure (22KT to 23KT). Holding a hefty natural gold nugget like this in your hand is incredible. A truly awesome Australian Natural Gold Nugget! With no mineralization or host rock attached, this gold nugget is suitable for jewelry making. Australia has some of the purest natural gold specimens in the world. You will be really happy to own such a high quality natural gold nugget.

Item# 816
Weight: 21.7 grams (.70 Troy Ounces)
Dimensions: 1-1/2" or 30mm

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Long Jewelry Grade Australian Natural Gold Nugget