Cow Riding a Wave Runner - Natural Gold Nugget
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Cow Riding a Wave Runner - Natural Gold Nugget


This is a cool natural raw gold nugget from Australia. It has a very unique shape. It looks like a cow sitting riding a wave runner?. How cool is that? It is very rare to see natural gold nuggets in distinct shapes like this. These nuggets are just as they were found by a gold prospector, and the shape has not been altered in any way. I certainly have the largest collection of special shaped natural raw gold nuggets for sale anywhere. This incredible gold nugget specimen is a jewelry/investment grade nugget and it weighs in at 5.7 Grams (87.9 Grains). It measures 1" (26 mm) long. Like all our gold nuggets and specimens, it comes with a certificate of authenticity. #850gnfsAGN


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