Australian Gold Nuggets

Australian natural gold nuggets are in high demand from investors and collectors due to the high purity of Australian gold. Jewelry/Investment Grade Natural Australian Gold Nuggets generally have the highest purity (92% to 98% pure, 22KT to 23KT) of any natural gold nuggets found in the world, with very few exceptions. For a nugget to be classed as Jewelry/Investment Grade it should be free of all host rock except for maybe a little bit of pretty white or rose colored quartz, and it should be free of any mineral staining. Only approximately 5% to 10% of the natural gold nuggets found by prospectors will fall into this highest grade. Investors and Collectors love them because they hold their value better than common grade or collectible grade nuggets or gold bullion coins during times of falling gold prices and they increase more in value during times of rising gold prices because they are so rare and hard to find for sale in this grade.

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Displaying 1 to 48 (of 87 Products)


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