Alaskan Gold Nuggets

Alaskan natural gold nuggets are highly prized by jewelers and collectors. Of course there are many different grades of Alaskan gold nuggets. The majority of gold nuggets found in Alaska are small nuggets and often they are quite dull in appearance, as the gold is often mixed with a high percentage of silver or other minerals.

My Alaskan natural gold nuggets have all been hand selected. This means that the gold will be a buttery yellow color and there will be a very minimum or no mineral staining. The nuggets are all pleasant to look at and the highest quality available. We pay the prospectors more per gram than other dealers do, to ensure that we get only the highest quality gold nuggets they find. For a gold nugget buyer, this means that the nuggets will command a higher premium than lower quality Alaskan gold nuggets, making these nuggets a great investment. Each Alaskan natural gold nugget we sell has the weight clearly shown in the description and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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