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This is the last crystalline platinum nugget that I have and I cannot get any more since Russia is no longer allowing the export of these rare platinum nuggets.

The price of platinum has been steadily rising for many years now, and is predicted by many to continue to do so. What better way to invest in platinum bullion than to buy some of these rare platinum nuggets?

These natural platinum nuggets in crystalline form come from Kondyer Massif, Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia. Russia is no longer allowing the export of these platinum nuggets, an in recent years the trend in Russia is to hang onto their precious metals. It has been quite a few years since I have seen any platinum nuggets come onto the market, and it is unlikely that any more of these platinum nuggets will come on the market in future years, which means these nuggets become more and more scarce as collectors buy up the existing supply. The one you see here is the last one in my collection, and I cannot get any more. Each nugget comes with a location card authenticating the discovery location and certifying the fact that it is a natural platinum nugget.

Crystalline platinum nuggets have wonderfully textured surfaces. Tiny chromite inclusions show up as black crystalline masses, giving the specimen a lot of interest and character. This premium quality gem grade nugget would make a wonderful addition to your collection.

I recently had one of the nuggets analyzed with a $30,000 instrument used by a local refiner and it was 91% platinum, 7% iron, 1% paladium, 1% iridium, with traces of ruthinium, rhodium, cobalt, and copper.

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Platinum Nugget - Kondyer Massif Russia

Platinum Nugget - Kondyer Massif Russia

Another spectacular crystalline platinum nugget from Kondyer Massif in Russia. It is just under 3/4" long x 7/16" wide x 3/16" thick, weighs 6.7...

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Platinum Nugget - Crystalline Specimen

Platinum Nugget - Crystalline Specimen

Another Natural Platinum Crystallized Nugget from Kondyer Massif, Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia. It weighs 6.7 Grams (103 Grains) and is 3/4" long x 3/8"...

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